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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Surround Sound Speaker placement for a tricky room

Time for a test

As you can see, the L-shaped couch is backed against a wall on one side, which makes it impossible to place a Surround Left speaker there unless it is mounted on the wall. That should be doable, but not without problems. Specifically:

- the speaker will be in FRONT of the prime listening position, not behind or even level with it

- the farther it's pushed back, the closer it would be to the center listening position; if level with the listener, it would be only inches removed from his face

This is a classic example of the problems which placing the TV in the corner of the room creates. I personally would place the TV against a flat wall (on right) and thus make the prime listening position on one side of couch. Or move the couch. If you are serious about surround sound speaker placement quality, your couch needs to move.

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