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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

More on placement

This is a great resource for Home Theater Design. This talks about speaker placement for the very advanced person. So if you are really serious about converting a swimming pool or converting your children's room (who are now in college of course.) You should look at this resource

Speaker Placement according to Dolby

Throughout this blog I've been feeding your hunger for information on Surround Sound Speaker Placement. I've already given you the basics in previous posts (you can scroll down to see these), covering the placement of center, front and rear speakers.

Dolby has a very neat interactive diagram which goes into more detail on the subject. In summary it goes like this:

1. First find your seating position, ideally, this should be directly in front of the TV
2. The front right and left speakers should be on the side of the TV, but angled to face you, and this angle should be between 22 and 30 degrees. (Stay with me...)
3. The rear right and left speakers should be either directly to the side of you, or slightly behind, creating an angle of 90 degrees (directly to your side) to 110 degrees (a bit behind you).

So, and there you have surround sound speaker placement according to the bosses themselves, Dolby.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Diagrams on speaker placement

Here is a diagram from a website on speaker placement.

It's perfect, other than the fact that the subwoofer should really be in the corner for best results. You'll be surprised how much 'thump' you lose by not placing the subwoofer in the corner (any corner) of the room. Even regular speakers produce more lower frequencies when placed in corners of rooms.

You can view the website on surround sound speaker placement here.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Surround Sound Speaker Placement - Step by Step

Here's a good article on surround sound speaker placement.

It consists of 6 easy steps that just about anyone should be able to follow. Essentially, they are a summary of my own tips below.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

The Subwoofer

This is very important: Place the sub in a corner of the room. It doesn't really matter which corner because no-one can tell where low frequency sound are coming from. The Speaker Placement of the subwoofer is very important indeed.

Rear Right & Left Speaker Placement

These speakers should be placed to the rear of the room facing the front. The Audio which comes out of this room are effects and background noises.

Front Left & Right Speaker Placement

These are to be placed to the left and right of the monitor. It’s not extremely important how far they are from the monitor and centre speaker, as long as they are placed the same distance from the monitor on either side for a balanced sound. Audio which comes through this speaker is music and effects.

Center speaker Placement

Place this speaker directly above or below the monitor or projector. Audio which comes through this speaker is dialogue, which always wants to be heard coming from the scren, no matter where in the room you sit.

Overview of Surround Sound Speaker Placement

Hi, I'm Joel and I've started this blog to show you how surround sound speaker placement can make or break your home cinema experience. It's too easy for people to place all their speakers in one place. However, the surround sound experience is lost with this sort of behaviour.

It's more than placing speakers randomly around the room. The definition of good speaker placement is to hear how the recording was meant to be heard.