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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Speaker Placement according to Dolby

Throughout this blog I've been feeding your hunger for information on Surround Sound Speaker Placement. I've already given you the basics in previous posts (you can scroll down to see these), covering the placement of center, front and rear speakers.

Dolby has a very neat interactive diagram which goes into more detail on the subject. In summary it goes like this:

1. First find your seating position, ideally, this should be directly in front of the TV
2. The front right and left speakers should be on the side of the TV, but angled to face you, and this angle should be between 22 and 30 degrees. (Stay with me...)
3. The rear right and left speakers should be either directly to the side of you, or slightly behind, creating an angle of 90 degrees (directly to your side) to 110 degrees (a bit behind you).

So, and there you have surround sound speaker placement according to the bosses themselves, Dolby.

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